Bittersweet Choc Hazelnut Granola (x3)

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Snack-On-The-Go Granola Series (200g per pack)

Ingredients : Rolled Oats, Hazelnut, Coconut Flakes, Dark Choc Chip, Maple Syrup, Canola Oil, Cocoa, Salt

Nutrition Info Per Serving (50g) : Calories (231), Fat (12.1g), Carb (27.2g), Protein (4.3g)

Our Granola Series are

  • Healthy, crunchy, delicious granola breakfast or snack made with oats, hazelnut, dark chocolate, cocoa and maple syrup
  • Delicious high energy snack for the always On-The-Go lifestyle
  • Loaded with Nutrient dense super food and healthy fats from nuts, our granola will keep you sustained and feeling good.
  • Clean food: No fillers or additives, perfect breakfast and snack for energy
  • Pack in convenient resealable bag; proudly made in Malaysia

Our granola is delicious as a snack by itself. It is also great with milk (dairy or non dairy) or as a perfect addition to your morning bowl of yogurt or afternoon smoothie.

Per box contains 3 x Bittersweet Choc Hazelnut Granola packs (200g)



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