The Brand

Hutan Ration Powerfood represents ALL NATURAL, Halal Certified energy bars offering premium ingredients for the sports and outdoor enthusiasts.

We use the best quality ingredients that are certified halal by JAKIM (Malaysia Sole Halal Certification Body). We strive in offering real value on all of our products to suit the requirement of athletes and sports enthusiasts.

Hutan Ration brand, was created and founded by Jazrul Fuad, in 2016. Started with preparing his own energy snacks for his own hiking and mountaineering activities, he noticed not many sports or energy bars that offer all natural halal ingredients.

First few batches were made for hiking friends and the rest was history.

Hutan Ration now supplies energy bars to the Malaysia’s National Sports Institute (Institut Sukan Negara) for the Malaysian athletes as well as to the various national sports teams.

Azizulhasni Awang, the 2017 World Keirin Champion, is now the brand ambassador and has been using the energy bars to fuel his cycling activities.

The Company

The company, 4 Cakes In A Cup, started as an Online Bakery / Dessert home business in 2006. The company has since change its direction to offer healthier alternatives and started to produce highly nutritious energy bars.

The company operates a Halal production facility in the beautiful Kuala Terengganu City, Malaysia and established our Sales and Marketing Office in the growing Kota Damansara City, Selangor, Malaysia.

The company is committed to offer high quality products and continuously undertake research and development towards improving the current and new product line up.

The Bars

We believe a good and highly nutritious energy bar does not have to be complicated. We are a firm believer in ingredients that are simple and natural. And our bars are created simply from our home kitchen, without the use of preservatives, additives, artificial sugar as well as coloring.

Our bars passed through the strictest HALAL  requirement by JAKIM which not only audit the ingredients, but our production facility and workers as well.

We currently offer 8 exciting flavors, broken down into Energy Series, Performance Series as well as Superfood Series. We are transparent on the ingredients we use, and we list them all proudly at the front of our packaging.

Energy Series are considered the ALL Rounder energy bar, suitable for any activitiy any time. It can be used as pre, mid or post activity.

Performance Series are for the more discerning enthusiasts. Our Booster bars are for Pre or Mid activity while our Recovery bars are perfect for the mid and/or post activity.

Move one step up with our Superfood Series bar. We use Kelulut (Stingless Bee) Honey as one of the ingredient, harvested straight from our own Kelulut Farm. Kelulut Honey has been recognized as ‘Malaysia Super Food’ and we find it fitting to utilize Kelulut Honey as our Superfood Energy Bar.

Where To Buy

To purchase our energy bars, do check out our puchase GUIDE .

Any inquiry with regards to the company, product or distributorship, kindly send your inquiry via our Contact Form or email us at hutanration@gmail.com

“One of our greatest joys is to see people have access to energy bars that are honest and of premium quality, without having to fork out the big bucks. ”.


Hutan Ration Powerfood

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