Hutan Ration in Alibaba July On Demand Campaign

Alibaba July On Demand Campaign

Hutan Ration Selected for Alibaba Malaysia Week July On Demand Campaign

Alibaba July on Demand Campaign is promoting Malaysia’s product for the second time year. The first was the March Expo Sale back in March 2018.

Hutan Ration Powerfood, Malaysia’s own brand of All Natural Halal energy bar has been selected again for the Alibaba July on Demand campaign and “The “Malaysia Week” which showcase an array of “must-see”, “must-eat” and “must-experience” Malaysian products and tourism across Alibaba’s platforms. The promotion is the result of the collaboration between the Malaysian government and Alibaba via the DFTZ project.

In November last year, Alibaba launched its international eHub in Malaysia under the electronic world trade platform initiative. This was the first outside China for Alibaba’s own eHub.

Hutan Ration is again selected among the Malaysia Gold Suppliers to be featured at the Malaysia Pavilion Page. We will be featured for Alibaba’s Halal Segment at the Malaysia Pavilion.

‘From Day 1, our main goal is to expand our brand to the global halal market. And Alibaba & DFTZ platform with the now launched July On Demand Campaign made our dreams closer to reality’, says Jazrul Fuad, MD for Hutan Ration Powerfood. ‘Support from the local scene has always been great, and its time to re establish the brand further to the international scene. Hutan Ration has  range of sports nutrition products that is halal certified by JAKIM.

The Alibaba July on Demand Campaign runs from 1st July to 31st July 2018.


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