Granola Singles

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All the best of our granola flavors in single servings

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Snack-On-The-Go Granola Series (50gper pack x 5)
Choose your favorite flavors
Please refer to individual product pages linked above for full nutritional information for each product included in this pack.
Our Granola Series are
Healthy, crunchy, delicious granola breakfast or snack made with quality wholefood ingredients
Delicious high energy snack for the always On-The-Go lifestyle
Loaded with Nutrient dense super food and healthy fats from nuts, our granola will keep you sustained and feeling good.
Clean food: No fillers or additives, perfect breakfast and snack for energy
Pack in convenient resealable bag; proudly made in Malaysia
Our granola is delicious as a snack by itself. It is also great with milk (dairy or non dairy) or as a perfect addition to your morning bowl of yogurt or afternoon smoothie.

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Weight 350 g


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