Kolumpa Energy Bar

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Superfood Series – For Pre or Mid

Ingredients : Oats, Dates, Honey, Dark Chocolate Chip, Chia Seeds, Cranberry, Cocoa, Moringa, Sea Salt, Peanut

Nutrition Info Per Bar : Calories (143.0Kcal), Fat (5.1g), Carb (20.7g), Protein (3.4g)

Kolumpa energy bar has the most superfood ingredients that Hutan Ration has put in any bar. It has 10 superfood ingredients, and among them are Moringa, Chia seed, dates, nuts as well as sea salt. All of which helps to have more energy efficiently as well as promoting better recovery

Its designed for snacking during your mid run or mid workout as it has softer texture, making it easy to eat and continue your workout immediately.

The bars can also be purchased in configuration with other flavors in a box of 10pcs such as Trail Pack (RM58) or Lite Pack (RM28) for a box of 4pcs

Content : 10 bars per box



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